Mer-Isis pendulum is based on the principles of the Sacred Geometry. Is has 3 amplifying rings of the Isis pendulum combined with the powerful shape of the Mermet pendulum.

Mer-Isis is one of the most effective pendulums for healing work, especially for releasing pain.

It vibrates with the white and violet light frequencies, the most healing vibrations of all. It is pre-programmed to move in a counter-clockwise manner to release pain, trauma etc., and to move clockwise to supply with energy. As with all healing pendulums, Mer-Isis comes in a number of sizes: 8.8cm (in both brass & wood), 4.4cm, 3.3cm, and 2.2 cm. The extra-large size (8.8 cm) of Mer-Isis made of brass is very powerful, but also quite heavy and some may find it tiring to use it for very long. If weight is an issue, we recommend this same size made of wood as it still gives the power of the large size but in a more comfortable weight (for the majority of users).

Please do remember that all therapeutic pendulums emmit the energy by surface. The larger the size the stronger the more enrgy is released by shape. Due to its strength, Mer-Isis pendulum is effective even in the hands of inexperienced practitioners. Together with the Nova and Atlantis pendulums, they create the perfect ‘Dowsing for Health’ set of pendulums.

Made of beech wood.