Dowsing with the Higher Mind

The Higher Mind is the sense organ of the soul. Higher Mind dowsing, unlike ‘usual’ dowsing, enables accurate access to soul, group, planetary, spiritual & cosmic levels. E.g. many dowsers think they dowse holy beings but they actually dowse emotional clouds &/or thought forms. Presentation demonstrates Higher Mind dowsing is & how to achieve it.

Mary Swaine, ND, PhD, Spiritual Psychotherapist, Colour, Sound, Hypno- & Masotherapist, Reflexologist & Intuitive Radionician. She has 40 years experience as a therapist, starting in 1971  when she ran an art therapy program at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Her focus in therapy is the soul. Mary is Principal of Intuitive Energetics in Montreal, & since 1990 teaches courses and training programs in North America, Europe, Middle East, China & Southeast Asia. Mary’s written 15 books on healing & personal development, 11 children’s books & 3 CDs. Her artwork
has been exhibited in major European & North American galleries.