This presentation is for experienced dowsers, who wish to expand their abilities or to update their map dowsing skills.

As in the past, we will have new unmarked maps to practice on. As we practice dowsing, we just learn more and more. I have dowsed for water and items around the world and this has led to much success, much learning and contacts with people I would not ordinarily have met. This brings me great joy, and I am looking forward to sharing this with you. Please show up with your favorite tools, I have no bias against any of them.

Handouts Included

LEROY BULL – Leroy Bull is a past president of ASD, spent over 14 years on the Board of ASD. He has dowsed over 3300 water wells around the world, as well as dowsing over 4000 earth energies and numerous lost objects, people and natural resources.

Map Dowsing brings him great joy, and he is looking forward to sharing this with you. Leroy has written a workbook for map dowsing entitled The Art and Craft of Map Dowsing, available from the ASD bookstore. Map Dowsing is for proficient dowsers, who wish to expand their abilities to include a particular form of information dowsing called Map Dowsing.