By Andrew Cohen

In “Living Enlightenment” revolutionary spiritual teacher Andrew Cohen explores the mystery and mechanics of radical transformation. Bringing together the transcendent wisdom of the East with the Western understanding of evolution, Cohen offers a vision of the purpose of enlightenment to challenge and inspire even the most disillusioned of seekers. Simple yet audacious, his claim is that the spiritual evolution of each one of us is not separate from the evolution of the whole human race. For Cohen, the path to individual liberation could never be a personal matter, but rather is ‘the first step toward becoming a conscious participant in the evolutionary process’. In the miraculous experiential discovery of the enlightened perspective’, he writes, ‘our humanity is finally set free to manifest its evolutionary potential without inhibition’. Presented as far-reaching dialogue over twenty chapters, the book echoes an ancient form of spiritual discourse while engaging with some of the most complex questions facing modern seekers. What is enlightenment? And what does this profound attainment have to do with the reality of our human existence? Is it possible to be enlightened and still have a family, be in a sexual relationship, live an ordinary life? What is ego? And ultimately, what is the purpose of enlightenment? This is not a book that can be read from a safe distance. As the dynamic and unpredictable dialogue unfolds, “Living Enlightenment” offers a rare and intimate portrait of Cohen himself – his wisdom, spontaneity, and unquenchable passion for truth. And the reader finds him or herself pulled into the depths of our shared human experience as Cohen deconstructs the mind’s objections with precision, insight, and humour, always calling on the heart to embrace the living possibility of liberation here and now.