By Anneliese Hagemann
Using the Inner Art of Dowsing in thte Search of My Life’s Path Soul Mission

Written and Compiled with Love by Anneliese Gabriel Hagemann This workbook has been designed to help you look at these universal questions: WHO AM I and WHY AM I HERE and WHAT SHOULD I DO? Within this workbook you will be looking at core patterns, habits, and fears. What issues in your life are resolved or unresolved? You will be guided in the use of the “emotional gauge for Health, Happiness, and Harmony.” Resolutions and methods of letting go will be addressed so that you can achieve balance. You set the stage for beginning your new journey. Through this you find the internal wealth and happiness that is gained from knowing your life’s path-soul mission. Plan on doing a lot of self-questioning and soul-searching as you work through the following material. Work on:
Who am I and what is that path I have walked so far
Unresolved issues that keep me from advancing/balancing. Creating the plan
Explore yourself —
Things you like to do, places you need to go, people you need to meet.
What levels of my being are fulfilled / need fulfillment.
What should I invest in “time-money-growth-etc” Implementing the plan
Making the soul choices and decisions and going from there. SELF DIRECTED WORK BOOK