Richard Feather Anderson

Part I covers the origins, common
elements and different types of labyrinths; their meanings as archetypal symbols; their
functions as metaphors as well as physical pathways for the transformative journey; and
relationship to geomancy, dowsing, death-rebirth rituals, hopscotch, etc. Results of seminal
study of the effects of labyrinths on human awareness and energy field, and physical and
psychological balancing. Humorous re-enactment of walking the labyrinth at Chartres
Cathedral when covered by chairs. Part II includes Richard’s discovery of some of the most
important universal patterns of life encoded within the 7-circuit unicursal (Cretan/Hopi) and
Chartres Cathedral labyrinths. Connections between these labyrinths and medicine wheels,
Celtic cross, Kabala tree of life, Holy Grail, human chakras, color spectrum, vortex ring/torus
donut shape used in physics to model how light energy stabilizes to come into material form.
(From the British Society of Dowser’s International Congress, York, England) 120 min.