Study of Ormus, White Gold Powder, Monatomic Gold

Learn why Dowsing is such a valuable tool when questioning todays info overload.

Learn how to separate quality from quantity.

Learn about quantum materials and what is coming.

Leading edge new info on ormus and metallic glasses.

Iridescence in metals (ormus state?).

Iridescence and why and how insects fly.

Function of ormus in living matter.

Magnetic fields in a liquid.

These are some of the terms we will cover, I believe these are part of Revolutions and things to become known. It is happening now. Study of Ormus materials has opened many doors for us and we would like to share all we can. I try to keep things as simple as possible, to relate. The only rule we follow is Spirit Makes Things Simple Man Makes Things Complicated.

There will be samples of Ormus for you to try, it is interesting to see and hear but to feel is even better.