The pendulum has a thick titanium plating over a brass alloy core.
This pendulum design, originally made by renowned dowser Joe Smith, is considered by many the most accurate pendulum design. Joe was one of the favorite and best known dowsers in North America.
These pendulums work well because of the weight balance and because they have so much surface area to pick up signals with. They are designed like a series of radar dishes, stacked one on top of another to receive all in-coming signals. They will send out as well as receive much more than the normal pendulum.
They pick up so much energy from the Universe that they seem to vibrate or “dance”. Hence the name “Joe’s dancing pendulums. Basically, the Rolls Royce of pendulums.
Not sold in pairs. Includes 1 Joe Smith style pendulum.
1 3/4” long excluding chain.
Includes velvet storage pouch.