By Jeff Jeffries
How intelligent Energies built the Universe, guided evolution and can change your life.

A healer’s simple account of Intelligent Energies – the driving force of the universe we can all use for ourselves; it is a 21st century revelation of psychic abilities, religion and gaps in science. Where Harry Potter and the Da Vinci Code led the fiction – Its a Whole New World! leads the facts. Professionally I am a management consultant but when I found I had ‘healing hands’ I realised that the power that made this possible must have been part of the universe from the beginning; I set out to learn what else this force could do and in a fascinating journey eventually joined together the facts about genuine psychic powers, the threads that science keeps missing and surprising evidence for belief in God. My book shows how I was led to develop unique practical healing energy cards for the twenty-first century but most importantly it opens the door for you to make the most of your future.