Ancient Technology Reinvented 

Radionics is a modern approach to energy work that uses electronic equipment to support  or suppress specific energy patterns. It is a very modern technique but in reality men and women have been doing these same things for thousands of years. Where radionic equipment uses a special antenna invented by Nicolas Tesla that folds back upon itself to produce a broadcast wave, a labyrinth does the same thing using pathways. Where radionic equipment has different tunings and reagents that can be broadcast, a labyrinth can use runes, intention, and prayer. Where radionic equipment needs power to broadcast, labyrinths are connected to each other by ley lines, water veins, and water domes.

This class is a unique opportunity to learn how ancient methods are being used in modern ways, and there can be some significant advantages to learning about this old technology and incorporating it into your life.

The class begins with a brief introduction to both technologies and shows you how they both do similar things. Next we explain the basics of modern radionics instrument in theory and practice. Then we explore the ancient use of symbols, ley lines, votexes and harmonics in labyrinths. We discuss the power of symbol and shape and Chakras of our own bodies relating to points within the labyrinth. We will continue to demonstrate and explore both of these technologies so that you can study them side by side and leave with a working knowledge of both technologies.