David Feinstein, Ph.D.
This 4-hour, 2-DVD video seminar teaches you the basic principles and procedures to begin to apply energy psychology to issues in your own life.
“… gently and powerfully introduces you to what may be the next revolution in psychology.”

– Bill O’Hanlon, author, In Search of Solutions
The Video Seminar Includes:
Live demonstrations of Energy Psychology sessions.
Instruction in the basic principles of Energy Psychology illustrated by a detailed PowerPoint presentation.
Instruction in basic Energy Psychology methods that you can immediately apply to issues in your life.
An overview of what happens in the brain to produce the strong clinical outcomes being reported.
A review of the research bearing on the efficacy of Energy Psychology.
A survey of the clinical indications and contraindications for the approach.
Compelling question and answer session.
Special section illustrating the use of humor in Energy Psychology.
This program is a well-edited, engrossing, high-quality presentation. This video seminar contains essential information for every practitioner of Energy Psychology.