Supercharge Your Why: Dowsing for Core Intention

You’ve heard about the importance of your “why.” But we often get rudderless and frustrated trying to capture it. Wouldn’t it be great to boost your emotional battery at will, re-connecting to higher purpose particularly when your feeling lost, or caught up in details? Or, even just to gain clarity on your own “true north” when outside events overwhelm your dowsing signals?

In this highly interactive session, Mark Hurwich will help you viscerally connect to your gifts and essential purpose in a way that resonates in your heart, body, and spirit–not just your head. You’ll do this around a specific challenge, creating an actual experience of the outcomes you want. The result: not just a distant image of the life you want to live more fully, but actually getting there. You’ll also learn (if you don’t already know it) body dowsing to calibrate impact and refine focus.