by Richard Bryant
Toxic energies in your home environment are the cause of many risks to
your physical and emotional health, and polluted EMF energies affect
children more deeply than adults. This book will show you how easy it
is to move EMF pollution away from and out of your home.

The process of eliminating toxic energy from your home is known as a
GEOPATHIC CLEARING. You can watch how it’s done on HOME AND GARDEN

In this episode of MY FIRST PLACE the author walks through the steps of
a Geopathic clearing with first-time home buyers. This guide will take
you through each step of the same process. It will show you how to
check the area around your home, locate unhealthy energies on your
property, and re-direct them so they don’t carry the harmful effects of
toxic energy into your home. It was written for readers at a basic,
beginner’s level.

It’s easy to do a geopathic clearing and create a happier, more stable
home environment. You can do the job yourself in a day’s work using
this guide book and traditional water dowsing methods—combined with
your intuition. You’ll find that the process is simple, and easy to do

When you do a clearing you’ll notice improvement in the overall quality
or ‘feel’ of the energy in your home in the first few hours after the
work is done.

How great (!) to be able to upgrade—by yourself, the quality of energy
in your home and move another step closer to your SAFEST and BEST
POSSIBLE home environment.