By Robert Egby

What is the magnetism that has drawn so many personalities to the Enchanted Land, that part of Northern New Mexico? D.H. Lawrence, Mabel Dodge Luhan, Carl Gustav Jung were among the cutting edge celebrities who openly spoke of it. Dowser and author Robert Egby decided to find out. With his partner Betty Lou he started on a journey that quickly revealed that the Anasazi, the ancient ancestors of the Native Indians were acutely aware of both terrestrial and cosmic energies. The great immigration from Chaco Canyon to the valley of the Rio Grande River showed that wherever the Indians built their pueblos, they were always centered on earth energies, known to dowsers as geospirals. European Christians came and built churches on the old Indian sites that contained geospirals. These Earth phenomena manifest powerful healing energies. They also attract people with creative and positive energies hence the enormous numbers of artists, writers, photographers, healers and movie stars in the area. In this book Robert explores Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Bandelier, Chimayó, Taos, Arroyo Seco, the Earthship Community and the 1,000 year-old Taos Pueblo keepers of the famous Blue Lake. On his way he finds an old Indian shaman in Spirit named Running Bear who still wields extraordinary powers of historic projection.