By John Living

A very comprehensive system of healing has been developed by some Chiropractors, and special attention should be paid to the need to work with one’s Heart in doing this work- including to link one’s own Heart to the Heart of the person being given healing.

A leading figure in this healing work is Dr Richard Bartlett ND DC, who has taught many people to develop their healing abilities in his books ‘Matrix Energetics: the Science and Art of Transformation’ and ‘The Physics of Miracles’, and in the seminars that he runs through his organization – details can be seen at his website: – which includes a forum/message board which can be joined at no charge.

I have attended the level 1, 2, 3 and 4 seminars as well as the Practitioner class. This has been an expensive, but worthwhile, venture for me – especially as I have attended most of these more than once.

‘Holistic Healing with Heart’ includes a lot of Dr Bartlett’s teachings, plus much more that will be of great interest to all healers.