by Robert Alcon
The medical model of the human being is insufficient. Despite advances in modern physics, the medical model is still based on obsolete science.
Altered states of consciousness are important in reaching the inner resources for healing that lie within the patient .
All things in life are alive and have their own type of consciousness, the animals, the plants, the rocks, even the organs and cells within our bodies.
Consciousness exists independently of the body and has a primary role in the growth and development of the body and in its healing processes.
The healer can help the patient best by showing the patient how to access his/her own inner resources.
The role of the healer and his/her relationship to the patient is a sacred trust requiring impeccable behavior and a profound degree of objectivity, courage and faith.
The patient’s role is to accept the challenge of growing into a whole person, responsible for his/her own life and spiritual direction.