by Lembke, Janet
Janet Lembke loves to garden. But when she moved into her urban home in Virginia, she only had an eighth of an acre to work with: a small front yard and a small back yard. How she traded a postage-stamp lawn for an edible and visual cornucopia is what this enchanting book is all about.
Lembke joyfully guides us on her gardening journey. From Grass to Gardens is chock-full of tips and advice for gardeners with tiny plots, including what plants are compatible with others; garden paths and seating; what vegetables, flowers, and plants work best in front versus back yards; and more. She offers everything a hopeful gardener needs to reap bounty for the kitchen table from what was once a small, pesky lawn. What’s more, she brings her vast literary mindscape to her own landscape and shares her thoughts and observations, both brilliant and commonsensical, with her lucky readers.