The Zodiac and the 12 Mineral Salts of the Body. Isolated Form the Waters of Life

The relationship of the minerals of the body to the signs of the Zodiac. Dr. W.H. Shuessler who played a large role in isolating these mineral from the Fountains of Youth in the late 1800’s.  He was also a Homeopathic Physician as well as a Biochemist. Along with Dr. George Washington Carey this great work was assigned to the Zodiac with the help of Inez Eudora Perry.

This is a wonderful study of Man as a Cosmic Image, learning throughout his evolution to return Nature to his “Divine Nature”. These electrolytes are found in our food and water and carried into the blood, where the process of life and by the law of a chemical affinity keep the human form, bodily functions, materialized. When a deficiency occurs by trauma or through a non-assimilation of food, poor action of liver or digestion process start to occur. This is a fascinating study of The Cosmic Man learning to be Divine through the laws of Nature.