“In 2007, I resigned from my corporate position as a regional credit manager for one of the world’s leading design, engineering and entertainment software development companies. I didn’t resign so I could get a life. I resigned to save my life.

You see, I had suspended my sanity to think that what I was doing for work was more important than taking care of myself or my kids (hidden from me in my mind but certainly not hidden in my actions). Progressive adaptation to stress and the desire to succeed professionally in a way that I hadn’t succeeded before overshadowed the truth of how lost I really was. The doing of ‘just one more thing’ instigated my familiar phrase of ‘Hold on!’ to any requests at home.”
… so begins the truth of why this Easebook is here.

After recovering from 20+ years in corporate finance, Shanti Douglas has dedicated her life to empowering people everywhere to create greater peace, balance, and resiliency so they can live authentically and energized from their heart. As a student of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and Mindfulness and HeartMath® Coach, Shanti has insights and experiences that are perfect for the busy professional woman who struggles to balance the impossible “all”. She’s spoken to over 20,000 people, sharing practices of peace and ease.

~ Are you a busy professional who tries to get it all done but still feels like you’re running short… on time, patience, energy, and space for yourself?
~ Do you over-react, feel overwhelmed, or worry about the small stuff?
~ Are you so busy taking care of everyone and everything else that you’ve sacrificed yourself?
~ Without realizing it, do you hold your breath, always on alert and anticipating “what’s next”?
~ Are your upper back muscles and neck ridiculously tight and tense, impossible to relax?

Take back your precious life. It doesn’t have to be like that.

With Everyday Ease, you’ll learn how to find balance, ease, and resiliency without adding big changes to your day. You’ve already got enough on your plate! Everyday Ease will create dramatic shifts in your energy and level of presence so you can show up fresh, clear, and truly in charge.

The practical and integrative practices of this six week experiential Easebook give you a manageable structure to follow, offering insights to calm your chaotic life and bring balance to your burnout. With mindfulness at the helm, exploring simple acts of self-care and love will have you feeling fantastic again. All in all, you’ll feel inspired, energized, authentic, grounded, and empowered, ready to take on what you need to take on… and in a way that doesn’t leave the fabulous YOU behind.