Envision Better Eyesight

Self-help To Improve Your Vision
Dowser’s Edition
By Rebecca Gurland
Learn Easy Vision Training Techniques And Improve Your Eyesight. “Envision Better Eyesight” shows you how to Empower Yourself And Relearn To See! Here are the tools, tips and techniques that have been used throughout the world, throughout the ages. In this clear, easy to read little volume you get more than twenty practical vision improvement ideas that can lead to strong eyesight. These methods relax and retrain the eyes to focus well. This book introduces the work of Edward Bates, M.D. Pioneer Ophthalmologist who showed that the keys to better eyesight are to blink, breathe, stretch and relax. Find out what pinhole eyeglasses are and if they can be your easy, ten-minute-a-day way to improve eyesight. Discover the ideas of the mind/body connection, – those emotional issues and ways to clear them. Also addressed is the importance of vital nutritional factors-food and herbs for eyes. There are acupressure points that affect the eyes. They are easy to find and access as a self-help method. There is an extensive list of resources for books, websites, video and audios. The two eye charts included are to be used for tracking your improvements as well as vision training tools. Children, and our inner child, have fun with games. Here you will find many ideas and a page of pictures to cut out and get started. Just a few minutes a day with simple practices and techniques do make the difference, so we can start to relax and see.