These pendulums are made from “buis” in french or ” wood’druid”  it’s a beautiful wood with energy.

Today there are many different models of this “Egyptian Pendulum” available (in France some are called “Pendule de Thoth”).

But what does the “Egyptian Pendulum” do that other pendulums don’t? We can of course use it EXACTLY like any other pendulum, but we can also work with the other “powers” that apparently this interesting tool has.

For instance, it gets charged very easily with the waveforms of whatever we want: a product, a thought, a medicine, a color, etc. At that point we can use the charged pendulum to release those waveforms wherever we want, charging in that way a glass of water, a witness, a sample, our apple cake etc.


Chaumery and De Bellizal, also discovered that the ancient Egyptian “Ouadj” amulet, or the “Egyptian Pendulum” as they named it, emits a type of energy that has carrier wave properties, which makes it suitable for communication, in much the same way as Hertz waves are used to carry sound across great distances. The Egyptian Pendulum is one of the most popular pendulums in Europe, and is mentioned in many books on the subject of radiesthesia .

Made of Wood