Armchair Dowsing: Healing at a Distance

The availability of Google Earth opens up new vistas in Dowsing, but more so in combating the hardships caused by geopathic stress zones. This workshop shows how dowsers can help victims living at great distances combat their toxic environment and heal. Instruction includes how to accurately dowse geopathic energy fields at a distance, make charts and photographs on Google Earth, send them to clients and ask permissions to clear – all by email. Egby finds the “decree” remote healing method is faster, accurate and lasting. Dowsers learn how to develop concentrate and focus, make the decree and ask the client for feedback. This process can be used on homes, apartments, skyscrapers, offices and even industrial plants. The workshop comes with a printed “how-to” booklet and includes all the necessary “do’s” and “don’ts” and warnings. The presentation includes a power-point show.