by John Living
There is much vital information in this small booklet. I have found John Living’s work inspirational and invaluable in helping to formulate the BLADES (Bio-Location And DEtection Services) Program that I hope will one day be able to train personnel in the location of hazardous materials and explosives in airports and other public venues.
I became interested in John’s philosophy on dowsing after reading an article he wrote about dowsing for land-mines to safeguard children of war-torn villages. I had also heard of the Army & Marines using dowsing in Viet Nam to locate hidden weapons caches and underground complexes.
John is a professional engineer and has also practiced dowsing in the British military. As a Viet Nam vet and Electrical Engineer myself, it was instant credibility for me.
John’s priority, based on his background, is what works and what doesn’t work. Dowsing is not a game. Land-mines play for keeps. John does not push his beliefs on anyone, but at the same time makes it clear that there are Higher Powers at work in dowsing and without their cooperation, one cannot expect to achieve significant results.
There are three basic elements necessary for productive dowsing: Proper Intention, Proper Preparation and Proper Focus. The fact is that in order for dowsing to work at all, there must be “Something” that knows the answer. We must learn to communicate with this Higher Power, understanding that any failure to secure a correct answer is related to our incapacity to sustain one of the three required elements (which includes asking the right question!).
Dowsing is a gift that is intended to help others. It also requires a lot of practice. “Dowsing for fun” very quickly degrades into random results and frustration. John shows how to overcome the seeming Catch-22 situation of “how can I practice a lot of “trivial” dowsing in order to get good enough to help anybody?”. The answer lies in your intention to help others in future situations.