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by Melinda Iverson Inn
Dowsing for health and well-being is one of the most advanced modalities for creating and maintaining health and well-being! This is just the beginning. Learning this method now will put you in a position as the expert when the rest of the world has caught up to this cutting edge way of helping others.

I have spent many years developing a way to help dowsers help themselves and others to find vital health and well-being. This easy-to-learn course is designed with your success in mind.

By following the dowsing steps carefully, we have no doubt that you will be able to clear unconscious blocks at the emotional level with grace and ease.

I continue to do the energy and emotional [dowsing] clearings daily. Thank you you again for the wonderful gift of dowsing; it has made a world of difference in me, and as a consequence, those around me. IR, San Jose, CA

Included in this full set:

Dowsing To Clear Unconscious Obstructions,
Volume 1, The Emotional Level, PLUS the DVD
In Volume 1 you will learn:

The Inn Method® of how to access, identify, and clear your unconscious emotional obstructions, and
How to understand the emotional issue/story behind the unconscious behavior.
Dowsing To Clear Unconscious Obstructions,
Volume 2, The Mental and Spirit Levels, PLUS the DVD
In Volume 2 you will learn:

How to distinguish between the Emotional, Mental and Spirit Levels.
The difference between the Spirit level and Soul level as they relate to this type of work.
How to locate, identify, and release obstructions at both the Mental and Spirit Levels.
How to correctly assess and speak, at a distance, to the inner self of another person.
You will walk away with a whole new set of dowsing protocols that can be used for helping your self, or others, release both Mental and Spiritual blockages when combined with the Emotional release work you learn in Volume 1.
Also included are these valuable resources:
Two step-by-step how-to workbooks
Energy Clearing Protocol Charts
Release affirmations
Actual case studies
Two DVDs, one for each volume, including recorded release sessions with audience members
A quick-reference energy clearing chart

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