by Dick Croy
Our age of spiritual malaise, when the water of life is as likely to poison as it is to sustain us, calls upon each of us to become dowsers — dowsers for love. Part novel, part biography of a real-life visionary dowser, DOWSING FOR LOVE is a story about seeking the hidden springs of love in the human heart. Christopher Bird, author of the dowsing classic, THE DIVINING HAND: the 500-Year-Old Mystery of Dowsing: “In this novel Dick Croy sensitively weaves the threads of three themes into the tapestry of a fast-paced narrative. A Hollywood producer, compelled to return to his Ohio hometown to try to help his father rescue the failing family business, finds the city managers at a loss to locate a source of pollution fouling the local water supply. Risking disbelief, the producer imports an expert in dowsing, a supernormal art and hidden talent in man used to seek and find something lost, missing or badly needed. Against the warp of such practicalities is needled the more sentimental woof of the producer’s heartfelt search for bonding with a woman. At several levels the author gives us proof of Saint Luke’s promise: ‘Seek and ye shall find…knock and it shall be opened unto you.'”
From the Foreword by William A. Tiller, Professor Emeritus, Stanford University: My initial entry into this area of research activity was via some experiments with the dowser written about in this book. He was certainly a ‘character’ but he had ‘something’!…He planted a couple of important seeds in me that have ripened well over the past two decades. I now think that learning to develop and trust the dowsing response in oneself is extremely important at this point in human history. It opens our access to vast information and energy fields, present and available in the universe, that heretofore were blocked for most of us because they are only detectable presently at subliminal levels.”

Appendices: Prof. William Tiller’s scientific paper Psychoenergetic Field Studies Using a Bio-Mechanical Transducer, published with dowser Wayne Cook; testimonial letters from their grateful clients to New York dowsers Don Wood and Elaine Ralston, who also appear in the story.

About the Author
Dick Croy is a novelist, playwright, and screenwriter as well as a motion picture and TV producer. He was writer-editor, co-director of The Fourth Dimension, an ward-winning 7-hour TV series on paranormal phenomena and is the author of six novels, one of which, THE SHASTA GATE, is available online at