by Wilma Davidson (Author)

Dowsing for Cures is a must in every home as this book is crammed full of valuable information about a wide range of illnesses, possible cures and treatments including rain forest medicines and minerals . Here is a book to treasure as you will quickly come to depend on it as it will become your first port of call when illness hits a member of the family. In each page you will find simple explanations to enable you to diagnose illness and find the most beneficial remedies to reduce symptoms. This book contains basic lessons on dowsing to enable you to become confident when using the pendulum. Although the book is written as an A-Z for dowsers, those who do not dowse will also find the information on illnesses absolutely invaluable as most health problems are covered include information on infertility, impotence, chemicals in the blood, depression, heart problems, schizophrenia, sleep problems and cancer. Dowsing for Cures is filling a great gap in the market as it teaches you how to treat illnesses using natural medicine. As well as her knowledge of earth energies, Wilma is a metaphysician who has twenty years experience as a spiritual healer and is a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers and a Reiki Master. She has studied infertility and has helped many couples to resolve this problem, she also does psychic surgery and heals sick animals. This amazing woman has used rainforest medicines and minerals for many years in her healing work with outstanding results , which has prompted her to write Dowsing for Cures to teach readers the benefits of natural medicine and the use of the pendulum to diagnose illness and find the right medication. In her book Dowsing for Cures she brings warmth and compassion to the subject of illness by offering simple treatments and practical advice which is natural and free.