by Brenda Hunt
Would you like to improve your garden?
Working with the ancient skill of dowsing can help you in all aspects of you garden, making decisions about design, helping you map growing conditions and choosing the best plants for each spot.

It can help you choose the best suppliers and the healthiest plants.

Dowsing can help you solve problems in the garden, it can help you plant and harvest your vegetables at the right time and help you plan a herb garden.

This book will teach you how to work with the ancient skill of dowsing, introducing dowsing rods, the forked stick and the dowsing pendulum.

It will show you how to include dowsing in every stage of your gardening, from initial design and planning, through choosing your suppliers and picking the best plants, to harvesting and storing your vegetable crops.

In fact, dowsing and gardening were just made for each other