This book is a considerably shorter extract of just the techniques, from our book Dowsing and Self-Healing, in an easier to carry format, by people who have already read that book. This book assumes you have read Dowsing and Self-Healing, and does not have the preparatory ideas and sequences of that book. Dowsing and Self-Healing was written for people who don’t have the time to take expensive seminars, or read several thousand books, over decades, as we had to. It took over 40 years of experience, per person, to write that book. It is designed to take open-minded, pure-hearted, focused people with minimal background, to success in dowsing, and self-healing. No one book can cover everything, however, Dowsing and Self-Healing may come close. Jumping Mouse is a story by Hyemoyohsts Storm, of the spiritual path. For Jumping Mouse, the journey began really with curiosity, realizing there was more to life than what the physical senses suggest. The real beginning is the Vision of the Sacred Mountain, where one sees the goal, and realizes there is a path to get there. This book is designed to show you some of what is possible, and to get you on the path. Only you can get to the top of the mountain, though. This book has tools. Only you can choose to use the tools. All of the resources, ideas, and tools necessary to solve all the world’s problems exist, now, around us. All that’s needed is the Vision to see them, their use in the solution, and the Action to implement. This can be done, and we can have fun doing it! Just try not to have too much fun with it.