This book is structured to guide the reader from the first stage of dowsing, to the door of the seventh. This is not for the average reader; check the page count. This book has the essence of over 30 books, under one cover, organized in sequence. For the skimming reader, this may seem like uneven cut and paste. For the student willing to invest the time in learning, it is the most detailed compilation on the subject currently in print. This book is packed with easy to use ideas, and usable methods. It is a working guide, the equivalent to the notes you would take from several training workshops and apprenticeships. If you have no background at all in this area, you may want to start with shorter books, and come back to this book. This book offers three decades of experience with self-healing guidance. The book begins with a section on simplified Quantum awareness, which is useful for loosening belief systems. It enters dowsing, and discusses the process of manifesting. It enters the realm of self-healing, of manifesting wholeness, in a coherent framework designed for someone starting out. We designed this book for someone who may have limited time, or funds, and needs one book to cover the subject, very thoroughly, with perhaps another book or two to supplement an area of particular interest. The book is extensively footnoted so you can track the source of most ideas. This book is five times as long as the average paperback, yet costs only about twice as much. It offers many gems of wisdom, to those open to them. The development of ideas is spiral, with some repetition using different words, to get fractal understanding. Dowsing is intuition with a readout device, and it is very useful in self-healing. The authors are not doctors, and no medical claims of any kind are made. This is a book about working with dowsing, to become whole.