If you aren’t a serious seeker, don’t get this book. Spend over $500, and read the good books of Catherine Ponder, Abraham Hicks, Lynn Grabhorn, Neville Goddard, and Joe Vitale. We read ALL of them. If you get everything you want, using their methods, you don’t need books any more. Didn’t work for us. We put the essence of over 150 books into this. We had to do the work, so we had nuggets on every page, that work. For casual readers, this may seem like cut and paste, and spotty. If you are motivated and focused, it will be easy to read and use. Multiple methods let you find what works for you. Traditions are mixed and matched, because that’s what works. Bruce Lee, and all masters, do this. Asking new questions changes your life. Dowsing is learning to ask the right questions, and asking. The spiritual seems banal to those who aren’t ready. For those ready, questions transform life deeply. When you consider what reviewers say, look at the other books they’ve reviewed, and what they said. I don’t know you, till I know your friends- then I know you. Much in this book has not previously been documented. No other book has this many usable ideas in the field, under one cover. Let’s cut to the chase. There are two processes in life: intention, and experience of that intention. The only thing that can block your manifesting is your own limiting beliefs. This book has the longest list of potential limiting beliefs, and ways to dowse and resolve or remove them easily, of any book we have seen. The Universe is light, and information, or modulation. Dowsing accesses information, and so is extremely useful. Dowsing is a special kind of manifesting, of the use of intent. Intent, refined, can take you anywhere you want to go, it can manifest anything. If you can breathe, you can dowse. If you can dowse, you can manifest. Your dreams are the children of your heart, the voice of your soul, God/the Universe seeking manifestation through you. They are important. You came here to manifest them. There is a path you can dowse, to the realization of these dreams. We seek out problems for their gifts, because we grow as we solve those problems. You cannot solve a problem out of the same place it was created. You must go to a new level of order. If we have great problems, it is because we are about to grow, greatly. Everything you see in this book, and every human creation, was sought out to solve some problem, by someone in a state of confusion, who didn’t have the answer at first, and asked new questions. Start by asking yourself dowsing questions: 1. What do I want from life? What are my top five desires? 2. What will I see, hear, feel, and know, when I have successfully manifested or realized them? 3. What are my five biggest blocks, fears, issues, limitations, problems, shortcomings, or stories about why I can’t have what I want? 4. What would my life be like without these? 5. If I had a book that had the most powerful tools ever assembled under one cover, what would I do with that? 6. What would I love to create or experience, using the tools in this book? I mean, what would make me want to dance in the street, if I got it? 7. What de-energizes me? How can I do less of that? 8. What energizes me? How can I do more of that? Dowsing and Manifesting are the Law of [Resonant] Attraction at work. You are always dowsing and manifesting what you are in resonance with. You are also manifesting according to the polarity you radiate. The question is how to have more control over this process, so it puts out more satisfying results. That is the purpose of this book. This book gives you choices, which give you new awareness, so you grow into what you seek. Do not get this book to be taught, come to be transformed, to transform yourself. Dowsing does this. This book is about becoming who you truly are, about realizing your mission and purpose in life, in fun ways, that surprise and delight you.