by Mia Rose
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Dowsing is ancient art and has been associated with mining, drilling and witchcraft for centuries. If you are confused about what dowsing is or want to know if you could become an effective dowser, then look no further! This book explores the (sometimes chequered) history of dowsing in part one, along with a description of everything you need to know to learn dowsing. The skill seems, in fact, to be one that we all possess and you need neither an affinity with any spiritual tradition or a qualification in mining or drilling engineering to take it up! The book covers a series of steps you can take to learn how to dowse with rods or with pendulums. In the second part a list of different ways you can use your new found skill is explored in more detail. The list is far from exhaustive but the book should provide you with a solid introduction to begin practising and perfecting your newly found dowsing skills!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

The strange history of dowsing
What science, spiritualists and dowsers believe
Practical methods and tips to learn both types of dowsing
A list of different uses for dowsing and suggestions of how to use them
And much more!