Dowse Your Way to Psychic Power: The Ultimate Short-cut to Other Dimensions Paperback – April 9, 2014
by Anthony Talmage

THE FIRST BOOK OF ITS KIND We all have a sixth sense. When we activate it we become superhuman. We are clairvoyant, telepathic, can find lost objects, can talk to our pets, heal disease, travel through time and talk with the angels. We become partners with our Spirit Guides and our lives become a daily adventure. Meaningful co-incidences happen which steer us on a path to our true destiny. SKILL OF THE ANCIENTS Psychic abilities are not confined to a gifted few, we all have them and they are just waiting to be set free. This book takes us in simple, methodical steps on a journey to Extra Sensory Perception. There are many books on psychic development but this is the first to employ a unique short-cut – the art of dowsing. It has been discovered that this ancient skill is a portal to psychic power. And the other thing that is different within these pages is that you will have practical proof that your psychic abilities are awakening. The dowsing tools will move in your hand, seemingly of their own volition. When this happens you know the old you is changing and a new you, complete with a growing sixth sense, is coming into being. MONKS TAKE YEARS – DOWSERS HOURS It is a fact that the brains of some experienced diviners enter as deep an altered state within seconds as that attained by Buddhist monks who have spent years of dedication and discipline to learn the skill. By following the instructions in these pages we learn BOTH the art of divining AND how to unlock our mystical powers. ENTERING THE UNIVERSE NEXT DOOR On our journey together we encounter angels, spirit guides, elementals, ghosts, poltergeists and entities that dwell in other dimensions. We look at precognition, retro-cognition, trance states, possession, past lives and re-incarnation. And as we travel we enter new dimensions which will change our lives.