Dowse This… Holistically Healthy The 169 dowsing charts contained between the pages of this book will help guide you to take control over the care of you own health. The charts contain information on common supplements, herbs and vitamins, as well as 30 food charts that can be used to determine which items you need to have incorporated into your diet. The charts can be used to alert you to foods which should be added to, or eliminated from your diet due to intolerance or allergies. The Spice Chart is a fun and creative way to flavor up your favorite soups, stews and brews, or dowse to create new and exciting taste sensations! The Organs and Body Systems charts will help you know if your body is working for you at maximum potential. These charts include possible causes and treatments of any health issues you may have. Let your imagination help you in taking charge of your body and health – let these charts be your guide.