Double Mermet G pendulum is an alternate version of Double Mermet. G stands for ‘German version, where this type of pendulum is especially popular.

Double-Mermet G is built of two balls placed one on the top of the other, however, the upper ball is bigger than the lower one. The pendulum opens in the middle, in between the balls,

and has a small witness chamber in each ball.

Double-Mermet G as well as Double Mermet is an excellent pendulum for dowsers, who need a witness chamber pendulum always handy. Its small size makes it also very useful while traveling.

Double Mermet G pendulum must be cleared not only energetically but also from physical point of view. To clear it: after taking witness off the witness chamber, take Q-tips, dip it in alcohol

and wipe the chamber truly. Leave the pendulum open for alcohol to evaporate.