Interwoven: A Symphony of Consciousness

Everything in our universe is made up of vibration and frequency: Everything has a voice – a sound, a note, a key that has a link to a moos, an intention, a state of action, expansion, compression or a state of rest… In this talk, we explore how Voice, Movement and Biology are interwoven into our universe of sound and by Tuning our Consciousness, we can refine how to bring all aspects of our energy into powerful alignment and intention. Throughout the presentation, participants will Connect more deeply with their breath, internal + external sounds, and voice through Sonica Sound + Voice Layering Techniques, Toning, + Sacred Instruments and will be invited to create compositions + movement that reflect various aspects of creation, including the Sounds of the Universe and the Energy we¬† seek to embody, while learning effective tools and creating a profound live layering from each person’s real-time awareness.The result: Healing Insight, Inspiration and Pure Delight