DNA and the Quantum Choice by Kishori Aird

(Volume II, following DNA Demystifies) In DNA and the Quantum Choice, we enter the
world of the infinitesimal and consider the coexistence of multiple
possibilities. With user-friendly
terminonlogy, Kishori describes concepts that include quantum vision, string
theory, multiple universe theory, tunnel effect and the non-linearity of
time. We discover that the
infinitesimal is not in a static state, but rather that its behavior changes,
depending on the observer. We learn
that there are parallel worlds with vibratory rates that differ from those of
our own world.

Kishori invites us to use the protocols presented in this
book and in DNA Demystified to arrive at new and rewarding choices. We now have the confirmation that our DNA is
adaptable and reprogrammable. We also
have the research and metaphysics to support our work so that when we apply the
new scientific discoveries to human biology and to our genetic code, we give
new meaning to life and matter. Pub 2006.

297 pages