Introducing: Quantum Dowsing!

Quantum Dowsing is based on the dynamic use of reference points and harmonics. Once establishing certain points of reference, The dowser can utilize the spin of the pendulum to determine the ‘pull’ of any object, thought form, etc. One tenet this works with is that in this world of duality, one pole pulls up and one down, creating the tension that manifests this physical reality. In finding which ‘direction’ a thing resonates from, the dowser can find objects as well as foods that will keep the ascension, or upward moving process going, without adding in things that pull one ‘down’. This is a paradigm shift and a step away from the classic yes/no form of dowsing, and methods of change the energies of objects. However,  it can be used with other forms of dowsing in order to quantify with great accuracy and identify things in their simplest forms, without ever asking a question!