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Product Description
Universal Pendulum is the most advanced pendulum in the world; it was developed by Andre deBelizal in Egypt in the1930’s. However this pendulum had been developed for reasearch, it works extremely well as a healing or therapeutic pendulum for advanced dowsers.

UP has marked on it surface not only the 12 colors, which can be found on the Virtual Cone Pendulum as well, but also 12 vibrations from the invisible spectrum of light.

This Universal Pendulum is made of aluminum, which is called the “Cosmic” due to its multiplied strength. Sacred Geometry shapes are placed inside the pendulum to enhance its strength and ensure that it works constantly. UP should be stored with the movable arch located on the Green color (G+).

To learn how to successfully use Universal Pendulum in your dowsing or healing practice, contact our office for workshops.

Made of aluminum.

Comes with a wooden box

If you wish to purchase training material, add also Universal Pendulum Workbook.