Land holds and carries energetic memory, both natural or created by humans. Some of this energy isn’t beneficial to us and can be physically and energetically toxic. Dan will present a dowsing protocol he uses to clear, balance and neutralize homes, land, gardens and people of non-beneficial energy. First he will also provide a template of protocols you’ll need to clear and protect yourself, creating your own sacred space. You’ll work with and co-create with your land Elementals to transform and raise the vibration of yourself, the landscape, gardens and the property. It’s time to have some Fun, ask for advice from your own Elemental, they’re the experts, honor what they want! While based in dowsing, we’ll touch on aspects of geomancy, Feng Shui and the shamanistic traditions. However, we label them, it’s all the same energy and vibration.

DAN ARSENEAU – Dan earned psychology degrees from McGill University and the University of New Haven. He taught in higher education, is an army combat veteran, a human resources executive in healthcare, and now works in behavioral health. In addition to his dowsing practice, Dan is a Marconics Quantum Recalibration Practitioner, an Emotion Code Practitioner, studies and teaches Human Design and births Labyrinths. His practice focuses on clearing people and land. For him, that’s how he has fun. Dan has presented at the Living Waters & Hudson Mohawk Chapters, at Dream Barn Hollow and at National Convention.

Includes Handout