written and illustrated by Jan Royce Conant author of the best selling Dowsing for Animals Health and Well-Being.
Where do we come from? Why are we here? Is there something greater out there? Philosophers and thinkers have been asking these questions for centuries, and Jan Royce Conant tries to answer them in her beautifully illustrated book, Children of Light.

Children of Light is a new and original story of how Earth and mankind were created. According to the book, billions of years ago, the ever-loving Great Light burst into an infinite number of sparks of light, which became its children. Later, the Great Light gave them the greatest gift possible: the gift of choice. Now some children choose to become Spirits, who come down to Earth and take on human form so that they can learn the important lessons that life has to teach them. Others, though, remain behind with the Great Light as Guardians, or Angels, keeping watch over and giving their help to the earthly spirits when asked for it. This is how the earthly spirits can fulfill their potential.
Jan Royce Conant’s book does several things: it’s a story of creation, and explains why some people have a connection with the plane beyond our earthly one. It hints that spiritual help is there for the asking. It also shows how every person and thing is connected, because all beings—all people and all creatures—come from and will return to the same source, the Great Light.
As well as answering philosophical and spiritual questions about creation, Children of Light is also a wonderful creation in and of itself, with well-known artist Jan Royce Conant’s own gorgeous watercolor paintings. Anyone interested in philosophy, metaphysics, spirituality and New Age will enjoy this book, and it is also suitable for young readers.