Map Dowsing for Lost Objects

This 2018 Map Dowsing presentation is for practiced dowsers, who wish to expand their abilities to include a particular form of information called Map Dowsing or to update their map dowsing skills.

I will have new unmarked maps this year the you will get to practice on. This workshop will be a perceptual challenge to brand new dowsers. As we practice dowsing, we just leanr more and more.

I have dowsed for water and items around the world and this has led to much success, much learning and contacts with people I would not ordinarily have met.  This brings me great joy, and i am looking forward to sharing this with you.

Please show up with your favorite tools, I have no bias against any of them.

This presentation includes how to prepare for your dowsing (clearing, timing and focus), letting the answer go, some information dowsing techniques, other techniques to aid you in locating the object, and some obstacles to finding the objects.