Transcending the Grids

We begin our discussion on intentionally created planetary grid systems, how they were formed, and how they are cleared. These non-beneficial  grid systems include the Church grids, Masonic grids, Reservation grids, and the Federal, State and Local government structures. All of which harnessed Dragons and other entities t create these non-beneficial grids around the planet.

We will learn about Light grids created through intention to connect and transform communication towers and municipal water facilities.

Also covered are some ancient etheric tools used for clearing non-beneficial Earth energies, geomagnetic lines, geopathic stressors, portal/vortexes, and timelines. We will have an opportunity to work with these non-physical tools, using them for distance clearing of our own spaces and places.

We will be covering these topics in great detail, along with the skill sets required to recreate the work.