Made by the Alicja Centre of Well-Being
Very attractive Atlantis Pendant protects you against unwanted outside influences. The symbol is considered powerful

telepathy aid and sensitizes you to psychic knowledge.

A Brief History of the Symbol:
The symbol of Atlantis was discovered at the end of the 19th century by Marquis d’Argain, the French Egyptologist.
In the King’s Valley of Luxor, he unearthed a ring made of clay with a symbol on it which was unknown to him.
Andre de Belizal, an exceptional Dowser, Egyptologist and pioneer in the field of shape waves, inherited the ring and discovered
its exceptional properties. But the symbol didn’t receive great notice until Howard Carter, the organizer and the leader of the
expedition to open King Tut’s tomb, wore the ring while excavating the tomb. He was the only member of the team who was not
stricken with a premature or sudden death. Many believed this was due to a curse inherited by those who disturbed the Pharoah’s
peace. But as Carter and de Balizal believed, it was more likely due to the protective shield the ring provided to the wearer from
harmful radiations and vibrations.
It is believed that all ancient Egyptian wisdom came from Atlantis. Carter many times referred to the unusual powers of the symbol
stating that he believed that such a powerful symbol and shape was the creation of the powerful civilization of Atlantis and was
inherited by the Egyptians.
The power of an Atlantis symbol artifact lies in the symbol, not in the artifact. As Andre DeBelizal said, the symbol:
forms a protective shield which disperses negative energy
balances and heals the energetic system by supplying the body with high frequency energy
helps one connect to their higher self and subconscious mind, creating a more joyful life
aids in developing telepathic ability.
For those who cannot or prefer not to wear a ring, the attractive Atlantis Pendant, also in sterling silver (14K gold also available on
special order) has been created. Many professions such as nurses, or people working with high temperatures etc. are not allowed
to wear jewellery on their hands, but can still wear pendants around their necks. The Atlantis symbol engraved on the silver pendant
protects you against unwanted outside influences and promotes well-being. The symbol is considered a powerful telepathy aid and
sensitizes you to psychic knowledge.
The Pendant should be afforded the same ‘Care’ instructions as the Atlantis ring. Therefore it should not come in steady contact with
any other metal. Wear it on its own, away from other pendat.
Because the pendant attunes itself to your energy, it should not be worn by others. You can safely remove it at night, when you shower, etc.
Made of silver