Keynote – Pushing the Dowsing Envelope

DVD; Time 1:30; Recorded 1997

This recording is converted from a VHS tape. The quality is poor, but the information is still great.

Outline for the keynote address: 1. In the beginning there weren’t any teachers or schools – just trials and mostly self-inflicted errors. 2. Then came sharing with the Danville Dowsers and the ASD – how did it ever get started? Answer: a few good men and women. 3. Concepts and rituals come and go, but the job gets done, and certain channels of the craft emerged as they way to go, became defined and gained acceptance. 4. A prophet is without honor in him own country – a dowser’s life and times in South America. 5. What dowsing can teach us – yes, you can heal! 6. The coming changes and the role we can play, must play. 7. How to be friends with one another and whatever comes down the pike.