Clearing Land, Homes and Gardens (and People)

Land carries and holds energetic memory, some natural, some man-made. A portion of this energy isn’t beneficial to humans; it can cause or contribute many chronic health conditions, and be physically and energetically toxic.

Dan will present a dowsing protocol he uses to clear, balance and neutralize homes, land, gardens (and people) of non-beneficial energy, entities, thought forms, geopathic energy lines, EMF, portals, trapped emotions, energy cords and more. This is a “how to” workshop that you can use with your own dowsing skills to clear and transform your own property. He will also show you some of the tools and devices he uses in clearing; many are simple homemade DIY.

He will also provide information on working with and co-creating with your land Elementals to transform and raise the vibration your landscape, gardens, property and everyone on it. Why not ask for advice and assistance from your own experts, your own Elementals! The fun really begins when you ask them what they want! They will design it for you!

While based on dowsing, this information also touches on aspects of geomancy, feng shui and the shamanistic traditions. However, we label them, it’s all the same energy and vibration.