(Encoding the Mystery of Dowsing)

Dowsing, however not treated on a professional level by most people, has existed and supported humanity for millennia. Prophets, sages, wizards and witches in the past, and nowadays scientists and business people use dowsing to resolve and improve their affairs.

Let’s take a trip into the core of the human psyche and modern discoveries to properly
understand why it is crucial for people to dowse.

Some of the topics of Alicja’s presentation will include:
– What is Dowsing from Physics and Meta-physics point of view
– Meditation vs. Contemplation and what they have in common with Dowsing
– Nature and Natural Laws in respect to Dowsing
– Colors and Vibrations in relation to human anatomy
– The role of Negative Green in Dowsing
– Remote Viewing and Dowsing
– The relevance of Zero-point Energy to Dowsing.

In this very visual presentation we will examine the phenomena of dowsing from many points of view to re-discover the importance of this oldest divination modality.

Alicja will change your life forever. Environmental Engineer by education, Metaphysics by passion, she researches Sacred Geometry shapes and their application in our life to help people reach higher level of their awareness. She travels internationally to teach and consult. Her teaching is based on Ancient Egyptian School of Vibrations and Classic European School of Dowsing. Alicja holds the title of Doctor of Metaphysics.