Our Ancestry in Dowsing

Dowsing is almost as old as human history, however, only the last century provided us with advanced knowledge about its past achievement. Dowsing was known and used by all cultures, but true and valuable materials, artifacts and knowledge we obtained from Ancient Egypt. Since 1930’s European dowsing has been enormously enriched by the outstanding amount of information from the King’s Valley and Giza Plateau discoveries.

In this power-point presentation, Alicja will lead us through our ancestry – -people, who dedicated their lives to bring us new concepts, ideas and procedures based on Ancient Knowledge. Following Isaac Newton’s quote “I can see more, because I stand on the shoulders of my ancestors”, Alicja invites you on the journey through our dowser’s ancestors and their amazing work. After this lecture you will gain the knowledge necessary to discuss dowsing topics with people from all walks of life.