Everyone knows that the brain plays a very important role in the process of dowsing. Maybe because all significant life events are stored in different relays located on one of three levels: old, mid- and new brain? Those imprints interfere with our ability to dowse correctly. Let’s talk about why only some traumas and experiences are “recorded” and why. What are the brain requirements for relays to “remember” something? Maybe we can deactivate them? If so – how to initiate changed through dowsing? Answers to these questions seem to be important from our health and dowsing point of view.

Germanic New Medicine, popular in Europe, and now taking first baby steps in North America, provides easy to understand explanations and solutions.

If you want to improve your dowsing skill and healing abilities, and become a pioneer in understanding brain as a life governing force, join us to know and experience more…

Handouts Included

ALICJA ARATYN – Rev. Alicja Aratyn, M. Eng., DM is a metaphysician for over 50 years. Her childhood spiritual experiences inspired her to search for origin and reasons for these occurrences. First she became a chemist and then environmental engineer hoping to understand the background work of the Universe. At this same time, she perceived metaphysical aspects of life. These skills helped her with many difficulties after immigrating to Canada.  About 5 years ago she got fascinated with Germanic New Medicine. Today her ESP skill reinforced by GNM helps people all over the world to understand, improve and heal their lives.