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Made by the Alicja Centre of Well-Being
The Ankh symbol represents the “Key to Life”. It is very strong healing tool, balancing the energy inside whole energetic

system of the wearer. It enhances the flow of energy and its circulation by bringing the new, pure energy by the top of

the shape and removing old, used one by the bottom of the cross.

The Goddess Isis is often portrayed with the Ankh in her hand tomaintain power and energy in all her endeavors.

Historically speaking the Ankh was transformed from the Atlantis Cross by connecting both “legs” and thereby becoming

a strong emitter of energy. Through the upper part of the Ankh(head) the vibration of Green is brought in, which is a healing

and regenerative vibration, and through the bottom of the cross harmful energies or vibrations are released (the bottom

emits Negative Green).

Both “hands” release: Red to the right and Violet to the left.

To many, the Ankh is the precursor to all crosses known today.

Made of brass.
Measures 7″ x 5″
Weighs 200grams

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