Global Shamanism in Action

Adhi presents the latest information and ways to use dowsing, shamanism,
technologies and our relationship to the Earth as a means to heal and correct
imbalances. Shamans have been building bridges to bring worlds and dimensions to
together. Adhi shares her knowledge, wit and approachable way to the sacred and

Adhi is a trained shaman, healer, artist and researcher. Adhi received her Doctorate
in Philosophy(Therapeutic Counseling) 2013 from the Open University of Alternative
Medicine, Sri Lanka through the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences
in Montreal. She has served as a board member to ASD from 2009-2013, Historical
Preservation Committee Chair, and lectures at many of the ASD conferences throughout
the USA. Adhi teaches and facilitates workshops and classes all over the world and
designs products to help people navigate the energies around us.